Hangover Help From The Hangover Relief Experts 

Trust the science-driven hangover helpers at Faveo to separate hangover fact from fiction with time-tested tips and practical information if you overindulge without including Faveo in your party plans. 


Hangover Symptoms You Want to Skip

The most bothersome hangover symptoms are usually a splitting headache, nausea and vomiting, extreme thirst, and overall weakness. All are attributable to the body’s metabolism of alcohol, which causes dehydration and increased toxins in your bloodstream. Of course, if you enjoy Faveo anti-hangover beverage, hangovers can become a distant memory. Learn more … 


Literally an Ounce of Prevention

Common sense – and proven chemistry – prevent hangover misery. Drink plenty of water to counter dehydration and eat before you drink to slow the release of toxins into your bloodstream. To avoid unnecessary pain, avoid mixing different types of alcohol in quantity, but include Faveo as your cocktail mixer or as a standalone drink. A one-ounce serving counteracts approximately four drinks. Learn more … 


Proven Hangover Cures

If Faveo was not your drinking companion and you’re nursing a painful hangover, drink Faveo after the fact. Its healthy nutrients and rehydrating electrolytes will tackle the toxins and fluid loss that cause all your other symptoms. Supplement Faveo with plenty of water, but skip caffeinated beverages – they actually dehydrate you further. Get some food in your stomach and plenty of rest, but avoid acetaminophen (Tylenol), which will further tax your liver. Learn more …